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One of the problem that we have is the old saying
We Should of Now what


We can be smart about Fires in our homes and business.
For instance  Fire proof your furnace rooms  storage rooms and Electric rooms
How about the Kids room as well as the ma be grand maws rooms
Who falls asleep smoking.
The walls &ceiling around your fire place as well as the
 attic where your chimney go up through

In commercial restaurants Use Fire Proof Paint
 above and below and on the ceiling of your cooking area in the kitchen

In schools and offices Break rooms

The videos below will impress on your minds the
Importance of letting the horses out of the barn before it burns down.

A perfect Wake Up Call

It could save your Family, Friends and Employees as well as your own life

It takes a moment for the video to load well worth it
Turn on your sound


One of the
Great products we use


  Viedo 1         Video - 2 /  San Francisco 




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