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By: Saul Spigel, Chief Analyst

Connecticut law bans the unauthorized manufacture or compounding, possession, control, sale, delivery, or administration of any “restricted substance. ” It defines restricted substances as amyl nitrite and specific volatile substances if they are sold, compounded, possessed or controlled, or delivered or administered to another person for breathing, inhaling, sniffing, or drinking to induce a stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogenic effect. Violators can be fined up to $ 100.
Location: DRUG ABUSE AND CONTROL;  Several state Charts Exl site



  They have most every thing you need to know about
regulatory compliance and pollution Prevention  Almost every household has some type of hazardous waste. All painting jobs create waste that can be harmful if handled or discarded improperly. When paint, paint waste or rinse-water enters the storm water system, it drains directly into local streams and rivers without water treatment. Aside from causing environmental damage, improper disposal of paint and paint waste violates state, federal, and local laws,
and could lead to costly fines or penalties.


The Chemistry Unit conducts timely,   high-quality chemical and metallurgical analyses on evidence, reports findings, provides testimony in court, assists in crime scene investigations, and provides advanced training to law enforcement agencies to support the investigative priorities of the
FBI and the law enforcement community.



Pollutants, Chemicals and Toxic Substances


A new state law requires that Massachusetts home buyers be informed of potential hazards from lead paint in houses built before 1978.

The statute, which went into effect Friday, requires that sellers or real estate agents notify prospective buyers before a purchase-and-sale agreeement is signed. The Department of Public Health recommends that notification take place as early as possible in the transaction, preferably before an offer to purchase the property is tendered.
A lead paint inspection is not required before the property is transferred, but a prospective…


Over the last decade a number of federal and state laws and regulations have been enacted. If you are a property owner, contractor, painter or maintenance worker, there are some particular regulations, described below, that are important to become familiar with in order to avoid fines and penalties. The rules were enacted to prevent lead exposures to occupants, neighbors and workers. Some general rules of thumb to help you comply with lead regulations are:











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